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Pets of the Week


There are hundreds of good animals in shelters looking for homes right now. Save an animal, make a friend for life and you won’t regret it! It’s the best kind of love around, unconditional!


Dog of the Week: Austin

A 3 year old outgoing and energetic Border Collie mix.  Austin is housetrained, neutered & up to date on his shots.  he does well with other dogs and has good manners.  If you've had any experience with very smart & high energy pets in the past, Austin is for you.  He likes his exercis, and needs mental stimulation every day.  Austin is the kind of dog that loves to be around people, whether it's at home, going to work with you or just running errands he has to hang with you, like your 2nd shadow!

Details on Austin available at MidWest Dog Rescue Network email


Cat of the Week: Daphne

Is a big, fat cat with long white whiskers! She's real laid back and would be perfect for someone older who just wants good company.  She doesn't jump on counters and likes to have her hair brushed.  Overall if you're looking for a calm, cool and collected cat with killer white whiskers, then Daphne is for you!  One look and you're hooked.

For details on Daphne email Lana from SOLAS