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Pets of the Week


There are hundreds of good animals in shelters looking for homes right now. Save an animal, make a friend for life and you won’t regret it! It’s the best kind of love around, unconditional!


Cat of the Week is: Jacks

 Jacks is a 2 year old short  hair, white cat with gray  spots.  He's up to date on his  shots, neutered and loves  playing video games, he's  obsessed with video games!  

 Jacks is very active, playful  and a cuddlier with adults.  he would be best as the only  pet in the home

 Please call Melinda at Club  Meow from 9a-5pm 712-242-  8689













Dog of the Week: Roscoe

This little guy was found wandering the streets.  He's still in puppy mode.  Which means he needs his daily exercise just like the rest of us.  If you have an active lifestyle Roscoe is for you! The Pott county shelter and its volunteers have already started working on the basics with Roscoe and they say he is easily trainable and eager to please.

Details on how to adopt Roscoe please call the Pottawattamie County Animal Shelter 9a-1p at 712-366-0152