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Live Loud, Live Proud!

Wack Attack - Putting the spotlight on the craziest fights, attacks and brawls

Song That Saved Your Life at around 3:35 pm - Have that one song that saved you?  Maybe it saved your day, or was the perfect song to blow off some steam from a hard day's work.  Or maybe it goes much deeper.  Maybe it's the song that changed your life, or gave you courage.  It's your story, your song.  E-mail me at with your song and your story.  (phone contact info optional, if you want to voice your story on air).  Then listen around 3:45 to hear it!  

Song That Saved Your Life for September 19th, 2014: "The Mixed Tape" - Jack's Mannequin

4 @ 4:00 - Each day, a listener gets to hear his/her four song choices! E-mail your artists/songs to Corey at Let us know where you listen from, and if you have any stories behind your song choices, feel free to share em! Please include your four songs plus two alternatives (in case we can’t find one of your songs). If you have a specific date that you’d like your 4 @ 4 to air (such as birthday, anniversary, ect) please email your list well in advance. All 4 @ 4 lists are played in the order that they are received.

4 @ 4 for September 19th, 2014: 

1. "Seek & Destroy" - Metallica

2. "Shoots & Ladders" - Korn

3. "46 & 2" - Tool

4. "We're in This Together"  - Nine Inch Nails

Daily Flight To Florida - Florida is nuts.  Lets give ourselves a self esteem boost!

Nude Dude! - Don't worry, we don't get naked, and you don't have to either.  But there's too many naked dudes in the news to ignore.  Bonus:  And sometimes nude non-dudes too!

Show Us Your Snake - Snake owners, here's a chance to brag about your pet snake, and you could win a $40 gift certificate to Bart's Exotic Pet Store.  E-mail me a photo or two, and tell me why your pet snake is so awesome! Make sure you include a phone # where we can reach you.  Every Friday at 4:55 pm, I'll announce the winning snake of the week.  Snaaaaaaakkkkkes!

Road Rage @ 5 - One hour of  YOUR requests for the drive home

Daily Dose of Metallica - Every day around 5:30 we'll rock some Metallica!