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Host(s): Sat Bisla


Every Sunday night at 5pm check out the best new music from around the globe.  Hosted by Sat Bisla, this show is devoted to bringing you imports, indie bands and new music from around the world, spotlighting those bands that are big in other countries, but haven’t yet made it big here in the United States.


Playlist for Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

  1. Paceshifters – Drone
  2. Mona – Don’t Shave My Coin
  3. Gavin James – Bitter Pill
  4. Fizzy Blood – January Sun
  5. All Mankind – Simple Desire
  6. The Young Wyld – Not A One
  7. Coasts – A Rush Of Blood
  8. Sheppard – Let Me Down Easy
  9. Rah Rah – Chip Off The Heart
  10. Leisure – Got It Bad
  11. Slaves - Cheer Up London
  12. Bitter’s Kiss – The Rope
  13. Nothing But Thieves – Ban All The Music
  14. Ewert & The Two Dragons - Pictures
  15. Bully - Milkman