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River Dive Team

Nominate YOUR favorite bar & grill, hole in the wall or hidden gem. 

And tell us why your dive team nominee is THE place to be! 

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This weeks Dive Team locations is 

 The Porch

24th St in Council Bluffs

Macaroni n cheese dishes, Pizzas, Burgers n Sandwiches plus a big outdoor seating area with Sand Volleyball courts and a friendly staff! 

Other Dive Team locations

LPL'S Restaurant & Pub 

in Council Bluffs

With dine in and take out options. Plus, cold beers, daily specials, and a pork tenderloin as big as your head!


Catfish Lake at the Lodge

Highways 75 and 34 in Bellevue 

They are known for fresh fish, fried chicken and hearty steaks. They've also got Country Fried Steak & Chicken, Burgers, Sandwiches and SO MUCH MORE!

A dive in the truest sense, with good food and down home friendly staff!


 The Homy Inn

1510 N Saddle Creek Rd.


Who doesn't want champagne on tap? 4 different varieties and 2 Sangria on tap! Add warm nuts served in a dog bowl, old beer decor & more, how can you say no?!