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Nominate YOUR favorite bar & grill, hole in the wall or hidden gem.
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This weeks Dive Team locations is

The Blind Pig

in Springfield, NE

The corn nuggets are worth the trip…Breaded sweet corn nuggets served with honey along with the delicious standard burger and sandwiches with a few unusual items tossed in, like their delicious chicken gizzards (A Nelson favorite!)



Other Drive Team Locations 

Ref’s Sports Bar – LaVista 

LPL’s – Council Bluffs 

The Homy Inn – Omaha

The Porch – Council Bluffs

Poppin’ Smoke Southern Grill – Papillion 

Kikker’s Bar & Grill – Council Bluffs

Silos – Treynor 

Alpine Inn – Ft. Calhoun 

Dew Drop Inn – McClelland

Barley’s Bar & Grill – Council Bluffs