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Sunday School

Host(s): Jared Alexander


Saturday nights at mid-night, Sunday School hits you with three hours of Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal and more.Everything from Pantera and Cannibal Corpse to Cradle of Filth and Iron Maiden.



1:50am - Pantera Power Play - 2 in a row from Pantera!
3am - Weekly Tool Fix - Caps off the night of metal the right way, with music from Tool!

Playlist for Sunday, August 18th, 2019

  • Hour One
  1. Killswitch Engage: Unleashed
  2. Kingdom Of Sorrow: Buried In Black
  3. The Oxford Coma: Cartoons
  4. Tool: Fear Incalum
  5. Fit For An Autopsy: Mirrors
  6. Slipknot: Solway Firth
  7. Norma Jean: Mind Over Mind
  8. Dam Your Eyes: Ascension
  9. Acid Bath: Pegan Love Song
  10. 3 Teeth: President X
  11. Slayer: Bloodline
  12. Slayer: Sex Murder Art
  • Hour Two
  1. Lacuna Coil: Layers Of Time
  2. The Offering: Ultraviolence
  3. Black Dahlia Murder: Into The Everblack
  4. Thy Art Is Murder: Human Target
  5. Gatecreaper: Boiled Over
  6. Black Sabbath: Sweet Leaf
  7. Exhorder: My Time
  8. GWAR: Bring Back The Bomb
  9. Toxic Halocaust: Out Of THe Fire
  10. Sacred Reich: Awakening
  11. Pantera: Im Broken
  12. Pantera: Flood
  • Hour Three
  1. The Contortionist: Early Grave
  2. Bad Wolves: Ill Be There
  3. God Forbid: Antihero
  4. Repentence: Only The Damned Die Young
  5. Sabaton: The Great War
  6. Civil War: Braveheart
  7. Dragonforce: Highway To Oblivion
  8. Hammerfall: One Against The World
  9. Helloween: As Long As I Fall
  10. Throbbe England: The Ripper
  11. Opeth: Heart In Hand
  12. Tool: Hush