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Sunday School

Host(s): Jared Alexander


Saturday nights at mid-night, Sunday School hits you with three hours of Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal and more.Everything from Pantera and Cannibal Corpse to Cradle of Filth and Iron Maiden.



1:50am - Pantera Power Play - 2 in a row from Pantera!
3am - Weekly Tool Fix - Caps off the night of metal the right way, with music from Tool!

Playlist for Sunday, April 21st, 2019

  • Hour One
  1. Nine Shrines: Retribution Therapy
  2. Atreyu: Exs And Ohs
  3. Motionless In White: Eternally Yours
  4. Etity: Flase Pretenses
  5. Fleshgod Apocalypse: Sugar
  6. Origin: Portal
  7. Amon Amarth: Ravens Flight
  8. Posessed: No More Room In Hell
  9. Obiturary: Chopped In Half
  10. Abnormality: Curb Stomp
  11. Slayer: Implode
  12. Slayer: Threshold
  • Hour Two
  1. Full Of Hell: Burning Myrah
  2. Inter Arma: Howling Lands
  3. Neurosis: Locust Star
  4. Numenorean: Coma
  5. Baroness: Seasons
  6. Clutch: A Shogun Named Marcus
  7. Rammestein: Detchland
  8. As I Lay Dying: Redifined
  9. Lamb Of God: Redneck
  10. Mark Morton: The Truth Is Dead
  11. Pantera: Im Broken
  12. Pantera: Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills
  • Hour Three
  1. Dead Superstar: On The Ledge
  2. Yngwe Momsteen: Suns Up Top Down
  3. Black Label Society: House Of Doom
  4. Lord Dying: Envy The End
  5. Eluviette: Abtegenetos
  6. Korpiklani: Henkeselipokia
  7. Hulkoff: Skyth
  8. Diesyr: Across The Archenen
  9. Dissection: Dark Mother Devine
  10. Hellfire: Mania
  11. Source: Benjamin
  12. Tool: Hush