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Every Sunday night at 4pm to 5pm check out the best new music from around the globe.  Hosted by Sat Bisla, this show is devoted to bringing you imports, indie bands and new music from around the world, spotlighting those bands that are big in other countries, but haven’t yet made it big here in the United States.


Playlist for Sunday, September 19th, 2021

  1. Rest For The Wicked – Bones
  2. Nothing But Thieves – Miracle, Baby
  3. Alex Rzyan – Out Of Time
  4. Vistas – Brand New
  5. Adelaide – Silent Hope
  6. The Royston Club – The Backburner
  7. Azure Ryder – Some Kind Of Love
  8. Oscar Lang – 21st Century Hobby
  9. Donkey Kid – Deep Blue
  10. Yep May Yep – Beautiful Girl
  11. George Diaz – High Rise
  12. Paris Youth Foundation – Twenty Two
  13. Sahara Beck – Crave Me
  14. *Tim Schou – Hero/Loser