Nothing But Covers

Host(s): Sophia John


The Nothing But Covers was created due to a massive request for… well covers. Each Friday Sophia takes requests and plays covers from her massive collection. Get your request in at 712-328-8970

Playlist for 11/25/22:

Artist                                                               Song                                           Original Artist

Lines In The Sky                                            Synchronicity I                                      The Police

Steel Panther                                                  She’s Tight                                          Cheap Trick

10 Years                                                              46 & 2                                                    Tool

OTEP                                                                    Royals                                                   Lorde

Switchfoot                                                Living On A Prayer                                     Bon Jovi

Placebo                                                                Shout                                           Tears For Fears

Five Finger Death Punch             Bad Company (Steve Aoki mix)                     Bad Company

Five Finger Death Punch                    House Of The Rising Sun                          The Animals

Chad Gray & Violent                                          Loser                                                   Beck

Fame Of Fire                                                    ABCDEFU                                               Gayle

All That Remains                                     The Thunder Rolls                                 Garth Brooks

Five Finger Death Punch                 Mama Said Knock You Out                            LL Cool J

Five Finger Death Punch                            Gone Away                                       The Offspring

Volbeat                                                   Don’t Tread On Me                                   Metallica

Motorhead                                               Enter Sandman                                        Metallica

Breaking Benjamin W/Gavin                       Would                                              Alice In Chains

Mike Ness                                               I Fought The Law                                 Bobby Fuller Four

Toto                                                              Hash Pipe                                               Weezer