Sunday School

Host(s): Jared Alexander

[email protected]

Saturday nights at mid-night, Sunday School hits you with four hours of Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal and more. Everything from Pantera and Cannibal Corpse to Cradle of Filth and Iron Maiden.

Playlist for 2/25/24

Hour 1

  1. Art Of Anarchy: Echo Your Madness
  2. Queensryche: Cold
  3. Anthrax: Fight Em Till You Can’t
  4. Kerry King: Idle Hands
  5. Bruce Dickinson: Afterglow Of Ragnarok
  6. Motorhead: Killed By Death
  7. Judas Priest: Crown Of Horns
  8. Infected Rain: Dying Light
  9. Kittie: Eyes Wide Open
  10. Slayer: Seasons In The Abyss
  11. Slayer: Threshold

Hour 2

  1. Job For A Cowboy: Beyond The Chemical Doorway
  2. Vitmis: Scorcher
  3. Carnifex: Until I Feel Nothing
  4. Vitriol: He Will Fight Savagely
  5. Ministry: BDE
  6. Rob Zombie: Burn
  7. Alice Cooper: Feed My Frankenstein(Live
  8. Dethklok: Mutilation On A Saturday Night
  9. Babymetal: Monochrome
  10. Dragonforce: Doomsday Party
  11. Pantera: Walk
  12. Pantera:  Becoming

Hour 3

  1. Capra: Tied Up
  2. Any Given Day: Get That Done
  3. Caliban: 24 Years
  4. Fit For A King: Keeping Secrets
  5. Sebastian Bach: What Do I Got To Loose?
  6. Sammy Hagar: Heavy Metal
  7. Lionheart: Little Ships
  8. Go Ahead And Die: Drug O Cop
  9. Municipal Waste: Divine Blasphemer
  10. Feed The Corpses To The Pigs: Haunted
  11. Rifforia: The Devil’s Sperm
  12. Down: Bury Me In Smoke

Hour 4

  1. There Is No Us: Lunatic
  2. Incendiary Devices: Negative Attitude
  3. Every Time I Die: Underwater Bimbos From Outerspace
  4. Architects: Seeing Red
  5. Exit Eden: Separate Ways
  6. Liv Kristine: Love Me High
  7. Amaranthe: Outer Dimensions
  8. Rotting Christ: Like Father Like Son
  9. Cradle Of Filth: Saffrons Curse
  10. Borknagar: Nordic Anthem
  11. Coheed And Cambria: Welcome Home
  12. Tool: Undertow