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Host(s): Corey
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Dad jokes, bad jokes, and hot tunes from rad folks!

Metro Minute – Local news headlines at 2:50 pm and 5:50 pm

Daily WTF – Everyday around 3:20 pm, a little somethin that’ll make you say: “WTF!?”

4 @ 4:00 – YOUR 4 song playlist on the air!

E-mail your artists/songs to Corey at [email protected] Let us know where you listen from, and if you have any stories behind your song choices, feel free to share em! At least 2 of your songs have to be songs that The River normally plays.  If you have a specific date that you’d like your 4 @ 4 to air (such as birthday, anniversary, ect) please email your list well in advance. All 4 @ 4 lists are played in the order that they are received. Please, as a courtesy to getting as many listeners’ 4 @ 4’s played (and to my inbox), do not send me multiple 4 @ 4 lists.  In other words, please do not send me another 4 @ 4 until after your most recent one has played.  Thank you in advance for extending this courtesy.  No playlists over 20 min long please.  I can’t play 4 songs that are each 7 minutes long.  We ain’t got time for that!  Please no songs with an excessive amount of FCC violating lyrics.  In other words, that song you love that has 32 F-bombs in it?  No, I will not edit out those 32 F-bombs.  I ain’t got time for that!  I will instead ask you to choose another song.

4 @ 4 for 6/20/24

From: Krista      Theme: Chino Moreno’s Birthday    

  1. Deftones – Bored
  2. Deftones – My Own Summer
  3. Deftines – Change (In The House of Flies)
  4. Crosses – Invisible Hand

Daily Flight to Florida – What’s Florida Man up to today?  We’ll find out around 4:50 pm

Nude Dude – Some of them claim to be Jesus.  They often wind up on rooftops.  Florida Man or not, sometimes Nude Dude takes the Florida Man spot.  4:50 pm on some days, but never Sundays

Road Rage – All request for the ride home!  (712) 328-8970!