Staff Spotlights

Welcome to the Staff Spotlights page of 89.7 The River! Here, we introduce you to our talented staff members and showcase their favorite music picks. Discover new artists, explore their music, and enjoy a visual experience with our staff-selected songs.

Corey – Host of Amplified Afternoons (2 pm-6 pm)

As the Host of Amplified Afternoons for 89.7 The River, Corey has exceptional taste in music. Check out his top picks and dive into his musical world:

Reily – Traffic, Promotion, & PSA Director

Our charismatic Traffic, Promotion, & PSA Director, Reily, shares her favorite track. Immerse yourself in her selections:

Jake Ryan – Of The Morning Fiasco & Sales (6 am-10 am)

Jake Ryan, our leader at the helm of The Morning Fiasco & Sales Representative, is an expert in music and has a keen ear for emerging talent. Discover his recommended songs:

Eliss – Co-Host on The Morning Fiasco (6 am-10 am)

Our Co-Host on The Morning Fiasco, Eliss, has a discerning ear for music. Don’t miss her hand-picked tracks:

Skinman – Host of Middays (10 am – 2 pm) & Production Director

Skinman, the smooth operator on Middays and Production Director at 89.7 The River, brings a dynamic blend of music to your ears. Don’t miss his captivating selections:

Sophia John – Program Director/On Air

Sophia John, our talented Program Director, and On-Air personality, brings her expertise and passion for music to the forefront. Experience her curated favorites.


Join us in celebrating the diverse tastes and musical passions of our staff at 89.7 The River. Click on the links to visit the artists’ websites and enjoy the visually captivating experience of their selected songs on YouTube. Keep checking back for updates as we continue to share more staff spotlights and their favorite music picks!